Dormitory database design

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Dormitory database design

Ellis Island years Here follows a presentation of Ellis Island in different years. The Indians called the island, Seagull Island, due to that these birds were the only inhabitants during the time.

Dormitory database design

The Dutch settlers called the island, Oyster Island, due to all the oysters that surrounded the island. At this time the island hardly reach above the surface during high tide.

He also was the owner of a small restaurant on the Island, were fisherman could eat etc. The Island kept the name Ellis Island.

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Ellis Island continue to serv as a wharehouse until Nearby residents Jersey town, Manhattan and Brooklyn worried for years about explosion of the powder magazines at Ellis Island.

Castle Garden was used until April 18then the reception was moved to Barge Island, at the south east of Manhattan, this was during the time the first buildnings were under construction at Ellis Island. Those who arrived after year can be found in the passengerlists.

Wells were dug and the Island was landfilled with different ships' ballast and from parts from the buildning of New York city subway tunnels. This doubled the size of the Island.

The Barge Office on the tip of Manhattan was used for immigration reception between April 19 - Dec 31 Duringthere wereimmigrants, that were processed at this office.

The first immigrant who arrived to the Island was a "rosycheeked Irish girl", Annie Moore, age She came with her two younger brothers to join their parents in New York City. The first day three big ships arrived and immigrants passed through Ellis Island. This first year nearly The buildnings that were built of wood was totally destroyed, likely there were faulty wiring that started the fire.

Five year have passed and within these years approx 1,5 million immigrants had been processed on the Island. The immigration office at Barge Island had to be reopened again during the time new buildnings were built at Ellis Island. The Island was continuously enlarged with landfill, remodeling and new construction.

The day when most immigrants arrived was April 17 with A diningroom was build at the top of the Kitchen- and laundry buildning. Likely it was German saboteurs who performed the act. All the buildnings were restored again and one impressive repair became the new roof in the Great Hall - a valvue that was constructed by the Guastavino brothers.

All person who were suspected by any enemy aliens in the US were sent to Ellis Island. Army and navy took over Ellis Island to be used for taking care of sick and wounded soldiers.

During the war the rules for immigration were sharpened, and several applications were declined, immigration decreased from Ellis Island years Here follows a presentation of Ellis Island in different years. - The Colonial governors of "New Amsterdam" bought a land area in the upper bay of New York close to New Jersey beach.

Dormitory database design

The Indians called the island, Seagull Island, due . Vol.7, No.3, May, Mathematical and Natural Sciences. Study on Bilinear Scheme and Application to Three-dimensional Convective Equation (Itaru Hataue and Yosuke Matsuda). The Design of Dormitory Management System for College Students Based on Android Platform.

Manman PENG. 1, a, Xinni XIE. 2. 1. information system requirements analysis, system design, database design, system development and Dormitory management system for college students based on Android platform Expert evaluation .

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In United States usage, the word dormitory is a building primarily providing sleeping and residential quarters for large numbers of people, often boarding school, college or university students. In the US it is common for residents .

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