Essay tma02

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Essay tma02

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October 21, Individuals tend to differ in their behavioural prospects Essay tma02 various ways. Several theories have been coined with an attempt of trying to help people understand individual differences. Social psychology has also taken the initiative of trying to find out why people react differently when subjected to similar scenarios butt, Among the theories that have been put forward under social psychology in order to shed some light on individual differences include personal construct theory and trait theory.

Traditionally, psychological study of individual differences has been rooted in experimental, psychometric and clinical traditions Ashton, Personal construct theory, coined by Kelly uses phenomenological perspective while trait theory coined by Eysenck and Rathman uses experimental approach in its quest of explaining individual differences.

The essay will try to show how trait theory helps in understanding of individual differences.

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For this reason, personal construct theory will be Essay tma02 to critique, and at the same time identify the weaknesses and strengths of trait theory in order to have an idea of how it contributes to understanding these differences.

These aspects will be compared to those of personal construct theory in order to have a holistic understanding. There are many types of trait theory, but the essay concentrates on Eysenck and Rachman trait theory. The theory was derived from experimental and natural science mainstream approach. It was aimed at developing principles that would explain why individuals behave differently in different circumstances.

It views individual differences as fixed ways in which people contrast from each other.

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Ratham and Eysenck postulated that traits were as a result of genetic and biological factors butt, They proposed two dimensions of neuroticism-stability and extraversion-introversion for measuring personality.

The questionnaires are usually used to generate psychometric inventories that measure personality traits.

Essay tma02

It is a scientific approach, which facilitates the prediction of how an individual will react in a given situation.

The research led them to conclude that there were two dimensions of personality, which were not related. These dimensions included neuroticism and extraversion.

Essay tma02

Eysenck and Ratham argued that these were behavioural expressions indicating temperament differences butt, They outlined that neuroticism was rooted in autonomic arousal and extraversion was rooted in cortical arousal.

This meant that behavioural patterns are like the phenotype and the innate brain structure acts like the genotype in biology Ashton, Eysenck was of the view that if main dimensions of personality were identified, they could have a clinical application. This is because they could be related to different neurotic behaviours that explain why people acquire different psychological disorders.

This means that Eysenck and Racham believed that traits are genetically inherited and biologically determined Butt, Essay most improved student star trek 9 minute preview descriptive essay a walk in autumn essays british agricultural revolution essay origin of life science vs religion essay essay on marriage in different cultures the novo nordisk foundation center for protein research paper essay about success in education writing dissertation introduction.

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