Essays comparing hinduism buddhism

A Comparison of Buddhism and Hinduism There are many different religions in the world today. Hinduism is the oldest known religion and is very rich with literally hundreds of gods, symbolistic rituals and beliefs. It is believed to have been established around B.

Essays comparing hinduism buddhism

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Differences Between Hinduism and Buddhism Religion is the basic belief which one practices. It determines the life of an individual. Religions evolve from different customs, traditions, practices and values.

Both of the religions are closely related to each other and hence originated from South Asia. Since they were generated from different parts of India, the basic beliefs and practices are same, though they differ on major grounds. Commenting upon the type of philosophy they practice, one would easily discern the difference of Hinduism being more stable and Buddhism relying more on humanitarian philosophy.

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However, Buddhism is considered to be a more universally accepted religion as compared to Hinduism. Both the religions spread from India reaching the corners of the World. Hinduism dates back to the time of Indus civilization. There is no one person who found this religion, unlike Buddhism, whose origin is accredited to Gautama Buddha, a Hindu himself.

Hinduism has many interesting features. This includes the captivating culture, the myths and the stories from the past which is present in their Holy Scriptures.

Important Hindu books include the Bhagwad Gita, Ramayan and more which are essential for the guidance of Hindus.

Hindus worship several Gods each accredited to a certain value. Hinduism, a theistic religion, often regarded to be a polytheistic religion, generally prevails throughout India.

Hindus practice the caste system, value meditation and entertain festive occasions such as Diwali, Holi and more. Other beliefs universally practiced by Hindus include the faith in Vedas which is the ancient sacred text, the priests, reincarnation and the law of Karma which determines the destiny of birth and death.

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The basic purpose of life is to attain liberation from reincarnation where as they live a life according to the rules of Dharma.

BUDDHISM Buddhism, as compared to Hinduism, is a non-theistic religion which is divided into two major schools- Mahayana and Theravada which differ on certain religious grounds yet practice certain same beliefs. Buddhism focuses on the individual spiritual development. His birth proved to be a milestone in history which amused people not with his origin but his character.

With his birth, a sense of serenity developed over the country and everybody rejoiced except the evil Mara.

Essays comparing hinduism buddhism

He was an epitome of perfection who was blessed with everything from family to wealth, from knowledge to understanding, yet there was a feeling of discontentment which outlasted during his twenties.

He belonged to a wealthy family and led a luxurious life. His father was worried about his future and to end this fret he consulted the fortune tellers. If he remained with the world he would end as the Universal King of India, it conqueror but if he forsook the world, he would eventually become a world redeemer.

Keeping this scenario in view, his father put all his efforts to provide Gautama with every existing pleasures of life inorder to keep him intact with the world.

He was provided with a number of palaces and around 40, dancing girls. All efforts were put forward to keep him away from the ugliness of life but despite these efforts he came in contact with the truth of old age, poverty and death which eventually ended the glitters of the worldly pleasures.

Finally, he bid a silent goodbye to the worldly pleasures and led a pure life thereby keeping away from the luxuries of the world. Buddhists do not worship any deity.SIMILARITIES BETWEEN HINDUISM AND BUDDHISM.

Since both of the religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, originated from the same piece of the world, they constitute a wide range of similar teachings, beliefs and practices. Essay: A Comparison of Buddhism and Hinduism There are many different religions in the world today.

In Asia, Buddhism and Hinduism are the most popular beliefs in . In this essay, I intend to compare and contrast two major religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, that came out of India thousands of years ago. Though these two religions are old, they are still practiced today by millions of followers within the continent of Asia and the West.

In Hinduism there were three major Gods that were worshiped by the Hindus, but there was not one God in Buddhism that was ever worshiped or looked up to. Also, Buddhism was a more peaceful and calm religion.

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Unlike in Buddhism, in Hinduism there was a caste system. It was a group from a social system. Buddhism Vs Hinduism, Comparison Essay. Buddhism/Hinduism Comparison Report The world has many different religions.

Asia has had many religions spring up. Out of these . - Comparing Hinduism and Buddhism While Hinduism and Buddhism come from the same cultural backgrounds, they are extremely diverse in their beliefs on afterlife, deity, and rituals. Both religions believe in reincarnation, but it is where an individual goes after he or she gets off the endless cycle that differs.

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