Jewellery buying preference

Diamonds and rubies are especially sought after. A plethora of locally-manufactured jewellery outlets - both retail and wholesale - can be found on Surawong Road and in the Charoen Krung area on the outskirts of Silom and close to the riverside.

Jewellery buying preference

Jewellery buying preference

United Arab Emirates Gold and Silver Prices Gold rates are fixed twice a day by the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group, Jewellery buying preference can be found on their website or by calling their hotline number and then pressing 1 for the daily 22 carats and 24 karats prices.

The 24 karat gold fixed price per gram is calculated by taking the London fixed price or the spot bid price per gram in UAE dirhams AED or Dhs and then rounding it up to the closest quarter and then adding an additional 2 dirhams. The additional 2 dirhams attached to the price is the base premium added to the price of gold bars and coins equal to or under grams.

The 1 kilogram silver bar price can be calculated by adding 1 dollar to the USD ounce silver spot bid price and then multiplying that by The gold premium over spot will normally be between 2 and 4 percent for bullion bars below grams and the silver premium over spot will normally be between 2 and 3.

The gold and silver premiums will normally increase when the market goes down or inventory becomes scarce. For gold bullion coins, you can find international 1 oz gold coins from the United States, Canada, Austria, Australia and China for premiums of AED tobut the The most stable time to purchase gold or silver is on Saturday and Sunday, as the price is not being traded on the international exchanges until Monday at 2AM.

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Standard purity for locally minted gold 1 and half kilo bars is or and purity for locally minted silver 1 and half kilo bars is My personal favourite bullion shop in the Emirates is Al Abyad Jewellers [], as they have everything I want all under one roof and are a major bullion dealer for shops in Sharjah and Ajman.

So if you decide to go there, they are on the 1st floor of the south-east corner of the building and tell them that Yusuf Patan my nickname at the shop or Sunnah Money sent you.

If you are travelling by bus, you can access all of the shops by travelling to the Gold Souq Bus Station, else if you are travelling by car, you can park at the gold souk paid parking next to the bus station nearly impossible to find a parking space, unless your ready to drive around waiting in the car for atleast half an hour or on the opposite side of the road at the fish market paid parking normally always available, but paid parking lasts from 8am — 11pm daily, including fridays.

Jewel Trading — Gold Souk [] has a selection of silver bars 25 to grams and coins 5 to grams with various designs they charge a fixed price per gram no matter the size, approx.

If you are travelling by car, attempting to park within the district will be next to impossible, so the best thing is to park on Khalid bin Al Waleed Street in the public paid parking near Copper Chimney Hotel and Dolphin Hotel Apartments, else in the private paid parking areas next to Ascot Hotel or Quality Computers.

I recommend you buy gold bullion bars and 8g Gold Sovereign coins from Gold House [], for 1 kg silver bullion bar you can check Mikado Jewellers [] they also have 10, 20, For gold, silver and platinum bars and coins, I recommend G.

Jewellers [] speak to Mr Gaurav and tell him Yousuf Patan sent you. As a second alternative for gold and silver bars or to get Gold Sovereigns coins, check Classic Diamonds [].

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It is possible that jewellery shops in various shopping malls and centers will also have bullion, but they will likely charge higher premiums. Jeelesh and mention that you came from Yousuf Patan or Sunnah Money. I recommend visiting Gold Bullion [] as they are a dedicated bullion shop with Emirates Gold minted gold bars g, 1oz, g, TT, 1 kilosilver bars 10g, 20g, 50g, 1oz, g, g, 1 kilogold coins islamic dinarsilver coins 1 ozand gold pendants with Ayat Al Kursi 10g, 20g, 1oz.

Gold premiums in Abu Dhabi are approximately double the premiums in Dubai.

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For those who wish to buy a home safe, Al Ain Glass Company [] is located next to the jewellery shops and has safes ranging from to 4 thousand dirhams. If you want to know their global spot price click herebut know as they are less in demand and supply that their local price will likely be high.

The 1 kilo bar comes in both and qualities and local mint Emirates Gold is the most popular, though you can also find it minted from Al Etihad, Al Ghaith, and Kaloti, which will normally be slightly cheaper.

The 10 tola bar For bars larger than 1 kilo, I would recommend approaching the mints directly, as you have mints like Al Etihad Gold that mint them from 23 to 34 kilo bars.

Emirates Gold does mint a quarter kilo silver bars, but they are not sold in the local market, but are sold in europe. Online Shopping Presently, there is only one online store for buying gold and silver and that is provided by Gold.Moneycontrol offers you a choice of email alerts on your investments for FREE!

Beautiful Metals. When comparing fine jewellery, one of the most important things to look at is the metal that was used to create it. While this will obviously affect the value of the piece, it also affects how the wearer will feel about it. Jewellery Buying Preference since the late s, there is a change in consumer tastes and preferences: Women are increasingly opting for fashionable and lightweight jewellery instead of traditional chunky jewellery.

on consumer preference on branded jewellery in Hyderabad” found that the guiding factor behind buying jewellery is price, purity, design, variety, the brand image;. Australian Diamond Brokers are Australia’s leading diamond wholesalers and specialise in signature and custom diamond engagement rings.

Enquire online now. Why Indians are increasingly buying low carat gold jewellery for non-investment purposes 26 Apr, , AM IST Low-carat gold jewellery is finding takers amongst the youth and working professionals, albeit more as a style statement and less as an investment.

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