Kaufmann manufacturing company

At the beginning of the yearthe project of building an iron works at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, was inaugurated by residents of that vicinity, and a charter was taken out for "The Saucona Iron Company" on April 8th,the name being changed by Act of Legislature, March 31st,to "The Bethlehem Rolling Mills and Iron Company", and again, May 1st,to "The Bethlehem Iron Company".

Kaufmann manufacturing company

Kaufman Footwear Kaufman plant on King Street, Kaufman Footwear, formerly the Kaufman Rubber Company, was a shoe manufacturing company in Kitchener, Ontario, that produced well-known brands such as Sorel winter boots, Kingtread work boots, Foamtread slippers, and Black Diamond industrial footwear.

The company had sales warehouses across Canada. Around that time, the Canadian Consolidated Rubber Company of Montreal purchased most of the smaller rubber companies in Canada, including the two in Berlin now Kitchener: Jacob had been involved with both of these companies, and his son Alvin Ratz A.

Kaufman, who had worked at Merchants Rubber, persuaded him to organize another rubber company. Life-Buoy brand catalogue, The Kaufman plant opened in with employees.

Kaufmann manufacturing company

It was constructed on about 4 acres of land at King and Victoria Streets and produced rubber footwear for both domestic and foreign markets. Kaufman became president of the company until he retired in During the two World Wars it produced special footwear and gas masks for the Canadian forces.

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Advertisement, s Sewing room, By the s, the Canadian rubber footwear industry was feeling the impact of competing imported products, and so Kaufman Rubber began manufacturing footwear made from synthetic materials.

The most popular of these were Foamtread slippers, introduced in Inthe company pioneered the slush-moulding of waterproof footwear from polyvinyl chloride PVC under the name Showertogs. It also entered the leather work boot market with its Kingtreads name, and eventually offered a hiking and hunting boot known as Badlanders as well.

Kaufman became company president. Making Sorel boots, After A. In Tom Kaufman, son of William H. Kaufman, was named president.

Kaufmann manufacturing company

In Kaufman Footwear declared bankruptcy. The industrial complex was designed by Albert Kahn, an important industrial architect of the early 20th century. The building has been converted into condominiums.A comprehensive overview of through-silicon-via technology (TSV) is presented.

• TSV technology enables Moore’s Law to scale vertically. • We explore the challenges associated with running high volume TSV manufacturing.

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