News media bias essays

When we founded Consortiumnews. Journalist Robert Parry Indeed, that was the original reason that I turned to what was then a new media platform to create a home for well-reported stories and to challenge the many misguided conventional wisdoms. As one of the reporters who helped expose the Iran-Contra scandal for The Associated Press in the mids, I was distressed by the silliness and propaganda that had come to pervade American journalism. I feared, too, that the decline of the U.

News media bias essays

Local newscasts were cut back to the bare minimum. This had the effect of delaying the debut of The Journalwhich had to wait until January At issue were the rules governing the hiring of contract workers in preference to full-time hires.

The locked-out employees were members of the Canadian Media Guildrepresenting all production, journalistic and on-air personnel outside Quebec and Monctonincluding several foreign correspondents.

While CBC services continued during the lockout, they were primarily made up of repeats, with news programming from the BBC and newswires.

Meanwhile, the locked-out employees produced podcasts and websites such as CBCunplugged.

News media bias essays

After a hiatus, talks re-opened. Late in the evening of October 2,it was announced that the CBC management and staff had reached a tentative deal which resulted in the CBC returning to normal operations on October The CBC has been affected by a number of other labour disputes since the late s: All local programming in the affected regions was cancelled and replaced by abbreviated national newscasts and national radio morning shows.

BBC World television and World Service radio and Broadcast News feeds were used to provide the remainder of original news content, and the CBC website consisted mainly of rewritten wire copy.

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Galaxie which CBC owned at the time supplied some music content for the radio networks. Tapes of aired or produced documentaries, interviews and entertainment programs were also aired widely.

Selected television sports coverage, including that of the Canadian Football Leaguecontinued, but without commentary. Cultural significance[ edit ] In the s the CBC provided hands-on training and employment for actors, writers, and directors in the developing field of its television dramatic services.

The CBC also had the only national radio network. Its cultural impact was therefore significant since many Canadians had little or no choice for their information and entertainment other than from these two powerful media outlets.

Even after the introduction of commercial television and radio, the CBC has remained one of the main elements in Canadian popular culture through its obligation to produce Canadian television and radio programming.

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The CBC has made programs for mass audiences and for smaller audiences interested in drama, performance arts, documentaries, current affairs, entertainment and sport.

This is partly due to severe budget cuts by the Canadian federal government, which began in the late s and levelled off in the late s.

It is also due to industry-wide fragmentation of television audiences the decline of network television generally, due to the rise in specialty channel viewership, as well as the increase of non-television entertainment options such as video games, the Internet, etc.

American programs appear to attract higher audiences than do much of the made-in-Canada programming that is a CBC specialty. Audience fragmentation is another issue. However, in contrast to the anglophone audience, French Canadians prefer home-grown television programming, a vibrant Quebec star system is in place, and little American or foreign content airs on French-language networks, public or private.

In the case of breaking news, including federal electionsCBC Television may obtain the largest number of viewers.

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For instance, after election nightCBC Television took out full-page newspaper ads claiming that 2.Media bias is an apparent bias of the news anchors or journalist within a gathering by selecting particular measures and stories, which are reported and how they are covered.

This implies an insidious contravening the values of journalism slightly than the standpoint of journalist of an article. From the Late Founder and Editor Robert Parry: When we founded in – as the first investigative news magazine based on the Internet – there was already a crisis building.

Dan Irvin Rather Jr. (born October 31, ) is an American journalist. Rather began his career in Texas and as an early-career reporter was on the scene of the Kennedy assassination in Dallas. His reporting elevated his position in CBS News, where he was White House correspondent beginning in He served as foreign correspondent in London and Vietnam over the next two years before.

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Mar 19,  · A group of students who survived last month’s deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, slammed the media for not dedicating enough coverage to gun violence in black communities. The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue.

The Media Has A Probability Problem The media’s demand for certainty — and its lack of statistical rigor — is a bad match for our complex world.

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