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Vehicle Paper Models Here are my paper model vehicles, a variety of models from multiscale dropships to 15mm hover tanks.

Nice paper

Introduction In the iconic car manufacturer, Ferrari, released a new version of its entry-level model: This sleek sports car has a 3. That kind of design would certainly make for an exhilarating — though significantly shorter — daily commute to the office.

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However, what good would that red Ferrari convertible be on the heavily congested streets of a large metropolitan area, with mostly stop-and-go traffic? Today many people find themselves in that kind of situation.

Perhaps not as privileged to be driving an Italian sports car, but able to enjoy blazing fast wireless connectivity links. Consider that the first A good first step, but significantly slower than a wired connection.

Then a few years later the The next link speed improvement came with Using the specified maximum number of 8 spatial streams, this engineering marvel would, in theory, reach its top speed of Nice paper.

In theory, using However, Nice paper approaching 7 Gbps might only be achievable in the controlled race-track environment of the RF lab. In reality, users commonly experience frustratingly slow data traffic when trying to check their email on a public Wi-Fi at a busy airport terminal.

A new revision of the IEEE Looking beyond the raw link speeds of Backwards compatible with Data rates and channel widths similar to Larger OFDM FFT sizes 4x largernarrower subcarrier spacing 4X closerand longer symbol time 4X for improved robustness and performance in multipath fading environments and outdoors.

Improved traffic flow and channel access Better power management for longer battery life High-Efficiency Wireless also serves the following target applications: Example scenario of a stadium with high user density and mixed environments targeted for When an STA hears another one, it waits for a random amount of time for that STA to stop transmitting before listening again for the channel to be free.

It will try to access the medium and re-transmit its packet after the backoff counter expires. Clear Channel Assessment Protocol Although this Clear Channel Assessment and Collision Avoidance protocol serves well to divide the channel somewhat equally among all participants within the collision domain, its efficiency decreases when the number of participants grows very large.

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Another factor that contributes to network inefficiency is having many APs with overlapping areas of service. User 1 would contend for access to the medium with other users in its own BSS and then exchange data with its AP.

However, this user would still be able to hear traffic from the overlapping BSS on the right. This kind of situation results in users having to wait longer for their turn to transmit, effectively lowering their average data throughput. A third factor to consider is the shared use of wider channels.

For example, for Without careful and deliberate power management, users will experience co-channel interference, which degrades performance and negates much of the expected gain from the wider channels.

This is especially true for the top data rates of MCS 8, 9, 10, and 11, which are much more susceptible to low signal to noise ratio. Also, on the current implementation of However, it maintains backward compatibility with These legacy clients will also be able to demodulate and decode The following table highlights the most important changes to this revision of the standard, in contrast to the current Date Update 14 August - 05 September Appraisal consultation: 1.

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Nice paper

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