Proquest thesis database

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Proquest thesis database

Merlo, Susan ProQuest document link Abstract: Within a curriculum, it is often useful and motivational for students to work on and through projects to acquire knowledge.

Proquest thesis database

Project-based learning is said to be a useful and innovative strategy for accomplishing this when put into rigorous practice. Some traditionalist thinkers, however, believe this technique of teaching and learning is only useful to keep the children engaged and behaved for the duration of class.

Also, because the process is time-consuming, many anti-project-based educators feel that although some knowledge is gained from the experience, there is not enough time to cover all material within the curriculum.

In this research, eighteen Algebra 1 students were exposed to the strategy of project-based learning on a small scale. These students' pre- and post-assessment scores were compared with twenty-two students in a different class setting where traditional instructional methods were solely used.

Within the project-based environment, some students thrived on the freedom to create their own learning and learned from and with their peers, whereas others were uncomfortable and struggled to complete the tasks mainly due to having suffered the inability to transfer their creations to algebraic symbols and thinking.

During the school years, this study was implemented in an effort to improve the learning experience for the students while ensuring mastery of the content. Throughout the course of the research, both the control and the experimental groups gained satisfactory content knowledge.

Under observation, the experimental group proved to be more engaged in the learning process due to the project-based learning strategies.


The conclusion of this study found that project-based learning is an effective and motivating strategy within the classroom, however no evidence supported that it actually improved the academic performance of students in a first year algebra course.Each one is creating mean- ing differences can be avoided: Amount computation result, ratio, proquest dissertation database value.

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Proquest thesis database

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