Socrates machiavelli argumentive essay

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Socrates machiavelli argumentive essay

Socrates and Thrasymachus state that it is just to follow what the rulers call law. Does this hold true in a democracy, even if one does not agree with the laws?

When is it more just to try to change the law? Would that not provide incentive for them to take leading roles in the state? Even though Thrasymachus deflates quickly, his initial charges against Socrates are compelling. Is it easier to ask than to answer? Is Socrates dodging responsibility for the very answers he is seeking to address?

Socrates asks about punishment and how it makes people worse.

Socrates says that “a man becomes tyrannic in a precise sense one, either by nature or by his practices or bolts, he has become drunken, erotic, and melancholic.” According to the notes, melancholy is an attribute of most exceptional men, including philosophers. Interpretive Essay on Edward Taylor's Poem, Huswifery In the poem, Huswifery, by Edward Taylor, a very severe shift seems to take place. The poem begins with an analogy between the writer and a spinning wheel. Dec 31,  · Words: Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Finally, Socrates comes to the idea of knowledge as true judgment accompanied by "an account," meaning evidence or reason.

Does punishing someone make them better or worse? Why does Socrates constantly refer back to examples of the musical man, medical man, horse trainer, etc.

Beyond making Thrasymachus contradict himself, do these arguments hold any merit? If so, what does it mean for our current system of justice, with its brutalizing prisons?

Socrates machiavelli argumentive essay

Can the inherent value of justice really be measured by the happiness it brings men? If one does not believe in God, then does justice matter? Do the wealthy and the poor have an equal ability to be content in old age? Is the question of whether or not a leader is willing [to lead] relevant to their competence in deciding matters of justice?

Is tyranny as just as democracy? Is there a distinction between justice and legitimacy? The profitability of justice is discussed as a way of understanding the meaning of justice. Is this a right way to measure use Is justice ever profitable and should justice be decided in terms of profitability?

Is using fantastical arguments Ring of Gyges in a philosophical debate valid?

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Can forced acts of justice really be considered justice? What harm does Socrates see in allowing the young to hear stories of gods acting unjustly? Is education about finding virtuous role-models to imitate? Can this logic be applied to other concepts like virtue? Are these reasonable definitions of the best and worst life?

What education can teach a man justice? How do the three types of good apply to the larger society? Why does Glaucon believe that any man, without surveillance, would behave unjustly? What is the connection between some of our impulses and their prohibition by justice? Kai Sam Ng Why does Socrates submit to further questioning by Glaucon and Adeimantus?

Why does he continue the argument after his debate with Thrasymachus? Would you be satisfied with the city of necessity? Men like Caesar, Augustus and Charlemagne were not good but beneficial to their people. Do people comply with justice due to an inability to overpower the system? Do we live our lives merely because we want good reputations?

Can you really lead a perfectly unjust live and be happy? What about your conscience? Does Socrates think that it is actually possible to create a society without anger?Motive for metaphor essay literary analysis research paper xp essay on how beowulf is a hero? describing friendship essay (history of nursing essay) gladys dissertation help.

SAMPLE ESSAY Prompt 2: The Argumentative Strategies of Aristophanes and Plato In the writings of Aristophanes’ Clouds and Plato’s Apology, Socrates is satirically attacked and rationally defended respectively.

While Aristophanes’ condemnation of Socrates’ teachings and the sophist philosophy proves effective in persuading the jury to sentence Socrates to death, the more persuasive of.

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In the expository part of the paper, your task is to explain the view or argument under consideration. Make sure that your explanation is as explicit as possible.

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