Strong defiance and independence in the handmaids tale by margaret atwood

These themes are approached and dealt with differently in each work, but ultimately convey the same meaning. Specific roles for certain factions of people to follow exist in every society, and many works of literature make use of the existence of these roles to comment on human nature.

Strong defiance and independence in the handmaids tale by margaret atwood

Though they are subject to certain rituals and dress code, as well as behavioral procedures when it comes to communicating with the couples they serve, the "system" cannot control their feelings. Friendships are established between handmaids even though jealousy abounds for the pregnant ones like Janine, the handmaids still have contact with one another.

Sex may no longer be viewed as pleasurable, but does not restrict the arousal Nick, the guard, and the Commander have for Offred.

The handmaids in their desperation and isolation have concocted certain schemes to set themselves free. Offred's good friend who has gone missing, set herself free by cleverly injuring her "employer". If the handmaid possesses the smarts and the luck of good timing, freedom is possible to obtain.

However, that is as far as freedom is extended, for the penalties are dire if they do no produce within a certain amount of time or if they are caught when escaped. The government plays such an integral part in peoples personal lives that free will is no longer an option for the society in general.

In fact, it is viewed as selfish because the contribution to humanity as a whole in being a handmaid is more important than the individual person's life. Overall, free will exists, but it is so alien a concept to people of this time period because people prefer the illusion of safety to autonomy over their lives.

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Although it isn't stated in those very words, everything that is stated, prevents actions of free will. One's own life is determined by what they choose to do. In this dystopian society, careers are based on birth. If you are born fertile, you are a handmaid, if you are able and strong, you are a soldier, and if you are weak or incapable of going to war, you are a guardian.

The choice to choose your ''calling'' and to find a ''passion'' is nonexistant. Along the lines of ''passion", life is often about interaction and relationships. Although the handmaids' purpose is to bring life to the world, they are limited to having virtually no relationship.

They cannot enjoy sex and other pleasures nor speak. Even the stores are written with signs that represent food instead of words.

These limitations express the oppressiveness of this society and the difficulty to obtain free will. Oppressiveness is not limited the handmaids as the guard themselves are ''deprived'' of sex as they are forbidden to do anything ''pleasurable''.

Free will is about the choice of choosing what one wants and doesn't want. When the people of Gilead choose to express free will, for example when Offred communicates, she must hide because it is forbidden. As Ellie mentions, " If the handmaid possesses the smarts and the luck of good timing, freedom is possible to obtain".

I agree that freedom is often obtained through wit but it is more about deceit and breaking the law. Because overall it is not just cleverness and timing but willingness and bravery to go against what you know is ''right'' by society.

Strong defiance and independence in the handmaids tale by margaret atwood

As tourists ask Offred if she enjoys her life as a handmaid, she responds yes. She clearly is unhappy, tortured, homesick, and miserable but she knows what society expects from her and she responds out of fear.

Strong defiance and independence in the handmaids tale by margaret atwood

The spies are another example of how free will is so limited because the interaction with an outsider can often be monitored as you don't have the right to speak or create an exterior relationship with anyone while being a handmaid, And spies are sent to ''protect'' these women but really it is to ensure that they have no rights nor freedom to interact with the world and people.

In some ways, instead of acheiving freedom, the handmaids have to find a way to cope with the difficulty of not having certain rights.

Offred uses butter as lotion because she isn't allowed to have any of these personal luxuries to enhance herself. Another oppressive idea that even trying to look presentable and enhancing ones appearance is seemingly sinful and it is a shame that these women must live to be not-so-attractive as not to break their rules and cause their "employer" any difficulty.

Finally, dreams and daydreams are Offred's ''free will'' in some ways. She has flashbacks and daydreams of possible scenarios of her past life and Luke and her child as to escape from her own current life.The Handmaid’s Tale. Few works of fiction in hit a nerve like Hulu’s adaptation of The Handmaid’s the show, the United States government has collapsed, hijacked by a faction of Christian fundamentalists and replaced by a theocratic military dictatorship.

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The Handmaids Tale -. themes. themes. margaret atwood's “the handmaids tale” has many obvious and underlining themes. she leaves the readers with something to think about as most of which happens in the novel could become real in our own world one.

The Handmaid's Tale Season Two Blu-ray Review -

“The Handmaid’s Tale,” returning to Hulu with two new episodes Wednesday, sets its terms early. After a first season that started strong, then wobbled as it found its own material, it’s become a confident, emotionally rich series — but one that, by nature and obligation, is wrenching to watch.

The Handmaid’s Tale is a popular television show based on the novel by Margaret Atwood that depicts a dystopian society where fertile women are forced to be “handmaids” and bare children for infertile families. The terrifying thing about this show and book is that women have no rights nor do.

Feb 28,  · When I first read The Handmaid's Tale the comparison to the Taliban struck me right away, and it was that which made the book so disturbing- that Atwood managed to predict so accurately what a government is capable of doing to women in the name of God.

In Volker Schlondorff's adaptation of Margaret Atwood's dystopian novel, The Handmaid's Tale, America has undergone a frightening transformation. In fact, the country isn't even called America any longer, but rather the Republic of Gilead. Nov 24,  · The Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood, is a story about oppressed females in the Republic of Gilead. These women are Marthas (assigned housekeepers) and, of course, the Handmaids. These women are Marthas (assigned housekeepers) and, of course, the Handmaids. Oct 21,  · The Handmaid's Tale - Season One (Hulu; ) Recently awarded the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series, The Handmaid's Tale is a quality production marked by visual flourishes, powerful performances, and resonant themes amplified by contemporary political applicability in a revanchist era of resurgent authoritarian ideologies and empowered anti-woman figures.

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