The hard line stance and approach of australia on asylum seekers

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The hard line stance and approach of australia on asylum seekers

This could include social workers, educators, and others contracted by the Australian Government to perform services on behalf of the Department. Ahead of a High Court challenge to these provisions, in October the Australian Government exempted health professionals working in detention from the provisions but the High Court challenge continued.

In Augustthe secrecy provisions were amended significantly. The changes are retrospective, dating back to 1 July when the Border Force Act was enacted.

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This policy previously applied only to people who arrived on outlying territories of Australia such as Christmas Island excised from the migration zone, but since it has been extended to mainland Australia. This means any person seeking asylum by boat cannot apply for protection except at the discretion of the Minister for Immigration.

Delays in refugee determination and pressure to apply From August untilthe government suspended refugee status determination RSD for people who arrived by boat after 13 August This resulted in long waiting lists of up to a year to access legal advice.

At the end ofthe then Department of Immigration started sending warning letters to people who had not yet applied for protection, including those on waiting lists. People were given 60 days to apply with a possibility of a day extension and were told that, if they did not, they would lose any welfare payments, their bridging visas and the right to apply for protection.

On 21 Maythe Minister for Immigration announced that if people did not apply by 1 Octoberthey would be barred from applying for any visa in Australia and would be returned to their home countries. Legal centres, pro bono lawyers and volunteers across Australia largely succeeded in meeting this arbitrary and extremely tight deadline, with all but 71 of the thousands still waiting applying by the deadline.

As of Marchthe Department of Immigration had only managed to decide about half of the cases. If their claims are rejected by the Department, they cannot have their claims reviewed by an independent merits review tribunal. Instead, the decisions will be referred to the Immigration Assessment Authority IAAa body established inwhich provides a far more limited form of review.


In this review, people seeking asylum generally will not be interviewed and cannot provide new information other than in exceptional circumstances. Fast track applicants will usually have access to judicial review. However, court hearings can be months or years away, with some people now receiving court dates in Further, the Government has expanded the use of adverse credibility findings, and grounds for denying protection to people who provide false identity documents.

Removal of government-funded legal advice Most people seeking asylum who arrive without valid visas are no longer eligible for government-funded legal advice.

Those who arrive by plane with a valid visa and a small percentage of highly vulnerable people who came by boat are eligible for free legal advice at the primary stage of decision-making, but not at the merits review stage.

The hard line stance and approach of australia on asylum seekers

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Melbourne Law School ranked 7th best law school in the world (Times Higher Education subject rankings ) and best in Australia and the Asia/Pacific region. “Australia, as a wealthy nation is entirely able to institute a fair and internationally-compliant process to assess the claims of asylum seekers, and has the capacity to avoid deaths at sea by working together across the region to provide alternative pathways for those seeking safety,” Narayanasamy says.

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Asylum seekers Expository Assignment For my expository assignment I have chosen a very hot issue in the eyes of both Australians and the Government. The issue of asylum seekers in Australia is typical of how many important issues in areas of economic, environmental or social issue becomes a.

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