Zumwald ag

Swissgrid AG provides electricity distribution services. It offers security supply, electricity market, and renewable energies. The company was founded in January and is headquartered in Laufenburg, Switzerland.

Zumwald ag

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Highlights Swissgrid AG Swissgrid operates, maintains, modernizes and expands the electricity transmission system in Switzerland. It conducts the import and export of electricity to maintain the utilization levels.

The company also provides additional services, such as balance group and congestion management or the ancillary services as part of the European and Swiss grid operation.

Swissgrid is headquartered in Laufenburg, Aargau, Switzerland. Slightly falling tariffs for the transmission grid in Swissgrid Mar 22, Grid operators and NGOs call on global decision makers to commit to a strong climate deal in Paris Dec 02, Key elements such as SWOT analysis and corporate strategy are incorporated in the profile to assist your academic or business research needs.

Some sections may be missing if data is unavailable for the company.Zumwald AG Management Accounting Background: Zumwald AG, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, produced and sold a range of medical diagnostic imaging systems and biomedical test equipment and instrumentation.

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Zumwald ag

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